Managing/ Chronicles

C 2. When you get the first bad report – you can expect, as things become clearer, that the reports and the situation will be getting worse.  For reference, in 2016 so far, examples at the corporate level have been Chipotle Mexican Grill (Health issues), and Volkswagen AG (Diesel mileage fraud).  Holding back on negative news is common behavior – to minimize the problem at the outset, and hope for better news later.

C 3. Any skill that you work to acquire will  1.  Make it easier to add further skills, and   2. Raise your personal level of confidence.

C 4. Doing hard things will raise your skills.  Doing easy things will not develop anything.


Chronicles/ Lessons in Money

C 8.  The easiest and fastest way to make money is to ask for it.    I’d say I was about 15 years old, when I saw my Father do this.  In addition to his work at the Movie Studios, he was doing residential Architecture out of our house and, to give this some historical perspective, a man like him, in those days, made about $8,000 a year, so, he was charging $250 for a set of house plans.  One evening, a couple had come over and, because he already had a lot of work, when it came time to set the price for the job, my Father paused for a moment and said, “$300”.  The couple said “OK” right away.  After they had left, my Father said, astonished,  “Did you see that?  I just made $50 in 30 seconds”!  (an instant 20% gain, mind you).    Just imagine: That over your lifetime, your ability to ask for money, will bring you thousands of dollars.

Corollary #1 to this idea is: what’s the worst thing they can say?  (and it’s “No”).  You’ve lost nothing.  But think of the gains that are available to you – just for the asking.  When I do this, I’ll get some concession 8 out of 10 times.

Corollary #2 – We’ve all been trained or embarrassed into not asking, so we need to teach   ourselves some words to carry us through.  Try these: “I can’t buy without a discount.”  “Is that the best you can do”?  “What do you have for a Family Price”?  “Who has the power to make this concession?  Will you go talk to him/her”?  “When will this be going on Sale”?

Whether there’s any money to be had or not,  you might want to see what else is available, by starting to ask for add-ons such as car mats, detailing, free maintenance, extended warranties, extra training, free memberships, clothing, tickets, and so on.


Starting Up/ Chronicles

C 1. You are what you do.  People are what they do.     This is a stab at an all-encompassing statement for this blog.  When I first doped it out, I thought, ” how clever, you’ve really hit on something here ” !  Then later I discovered that a guy by the name of Aristotle had already said it, 2,300 years ago!

Anyway, I put it first because maybe if you only have one of these, it’s all you will ever need.  From this, all others extend and embellish.

Simply put – If you don’t see it, or enough of it, then it’s not going to be happening.

We will start simply, but get more deep and complex, as we evolve.  And it will all be mixed by subject and difficulty.  Maybe people as young as 14, or as old as whatever, can get some value from these ideas.

Over time, our site will help you sort out the subject-clusters, making it easier to recapture concepts of money, leadership, creativity, personal development and group management, with some handy SuperHero skills thrown in for good measure.

My first blog will fall within the area of “Chronicles” – Information that I developed for my grandchildren – maybe along the lines of, “If I’d known then, what I know now ….”.
But for you, my reader, this time is your then, and your time to learn is now !