SuperHero Skills

Becoming a  ” WordSmith”  (Part 1)

There are a number of phrases and gambits that you can learn to use to propel yourself toward an ease of connecting with other people, or, in simply helping you get your way.

These phrases will change your situation, right on the spot!  Consider, for example:

“Take your time.”  (Ray Arenofsky)  Used on the phone, this will put anyone at ease – especially people who are under time pressure stress in a service business.  And, they will love you for the empathy you are showing them.

“Thank you for calling me (Client’s name).  Remember, I’ll always be here for you, whenever you need me”.  This phrase positions you as that person’s dependable and go-to problem solver. You close every call this way.

Maybe the killer- phrase in this series is going to be this one:  “May I give you a Compliment”? When followed by a sincerely meant example, it will disarm people and open doors for you anywhere.  No one ever says, “No” to this question, but now they are primed to hear what you will say.

I’ve used it to bond with people from homeless to rich.  The question and the delivery of the compliment add validity to whatever you are doing, as they allow people to perceive you as a friend, a kindred soul – someone they can trust and open up to.

Maybe a larger question here is, do you have difficulty giving another person a compliment or praise?  If so, consider how this may be holding you back.  People who can recognize what’s  good in others and pass it back to them, will automatically expand and rise themselves.

You see, it’s all about you, after all.

2 thoughts on “SuperHero Skills

  1. In case you are looking for some more pearls of wisdom,,,cal me. I remember some that you shared with me over the years.


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